Babes in Toyland are one of my favorite bands from my riot grrl days and, wow, I didn’t know she had a child as the result of rape in 2003.

This is a very profound read. Please check it out.

From the article: “Without you publicly correcting your false description of the basic biology of female human reproductive functions–which you describe as able to somehow magically foil a rapist’s naughty sperm at will–you harm women, you disrespect us, you disrespect me. And you disrespect my daughter, a child of rape, by denying the ongoing impact her mother’s rape has on her life, and will have on her children’s life, should she choose to have them. Imagine Father’s Day for her. Or imagine her feelings last spring when she was unable to participate in the Father/Daughter dance with her Girl Scout troop. Imagine the questions her friends ask, that other parents ask. They all want to know the story behind the smart little black girl with the single white mother. Imagine her learning her history, as I slowly tell her as age-appropriately as possible, about the obvious missing branch on the family tree. An inevitable annual school project, the Family Tree is displayed for all to see. Last year, my daughter just put the word “Africa” on that side of the tree. What is it like to not know your father, not even his name, but to know what kind of person he was by what he did to your mother? By you not telling the truth–that women do get pregnant from rape — you illegitimize even her illegitimacy.”

(Source: attackofthequasars)